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Spec Banner Ad


This is a spec ad concepted and produced together with graphic designer Clare Morren.

Client challenge:

This spec banner ad’s brief was to design a banner ad that persuades people to subscribe to The New Yorker magazine in digital-only format. The client wanted an insightful, intelligent and promotional tone. 

The digital-only format offers a convenient way for busy people to be able to read The New Yorker anywhere and everywhere they go. They never have to remember to bring the magazine with them and they can always stay up to date with the most important topics of the week.

The target audience is men and women ages 30–50 with household incomes of 75k+. They are tech-savvy and own a smartphone, computer, and probably also at least one tablet. They are also interested in current affairs, politics, and the arts. They are already familiar with the The New Yorker, but are not current subscribers.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

The design and copy tone keeps in the brand style of the magazine and its website, including its recent ads run. Both the graphic designer and myself as copywriter created a banner ad that captivates readers to relate in a very present manner with familiar elements of their commute and working day, while also reminding them of the reasons why so many love The New Yorker over other magazines.