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Spec Email campaign

A-1 High performance car motor oil

This is a spec ad concepted and produced together with graphic designer Ffyona Spreyer.

Client challenge:

This campaign’s target market is men ages 35–50 who own luxury, high-performance cars. They are very conscientious about taking good care of their cars and making their cars perform the best that they possibly can. Taking care of their cars is a hobby they spend a lot of time on and are very serious about. They don’t mind spending a bit more for the best products.

The email needed to increase awareness of the product and drive subscribers to purchase A-1 Performance Motor Oil on the company website. This particular product makes car engines work more efficiently than any other motor oil on the market. The client wanted the tone to be a mix of exciting, urgent, promotional and serious.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

Extensive research was conducted around the target market, speaking to high-performance car owners in our network, as well as collating themes of reasons why this market bought their luxury, high-performance car in the first place and their deepest thoughts around it.

Here is an excellent example of a forum of real sports’ car owners from which language and themes were collated. Several personal trends were found around a car owner’s identity, their joys from ownership, their decision-making process to purchase, their approach to maintenance and what they love to do in their spare time.

Upon multiple concepting meeting between copywriter and graphic designer, we settled on an approach as if the car is a member of your family – how you’d treat it right and care for it like a child. This fed well into how car owners in this age bracket view their car and touched on a deep emotional connection to their vehicle. The family element conveyed high importance and urgency was then tied to this with the key phrase ‘it’s about time you made an important change’, an unconscious command to switch from their current motor oil to A1.