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Email campaign

global Medical Manufacturer BRand launch

Client challenge:

The client asked to create a series of emails for their new global medical brand. The objective was to create brand awareness and educate their subscribers (both end user medical facilities and also product distributors) about what their brand stood for and why they were different and in this market. The call to actions requested were to generate brochure downloads and if possible, for interested customers to request a quote.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

I conducted desktop research to uncover the real language used by physical therapists about their frustrations in using expensive equipment not built for purpose. Several blogs and forums showed common language and pain points around DMEs built for purpose (durable medical equipment).

The email subject line was ‘Never compromise on patient¬†care¬†again’ – a fear identified and biggest frustration cited in my research. The headline generates curiosity and intrigue in the ambiguity of the word ‘that’ and stays in tune with therapists having multiple frustrations in their job.

The USP is extremely clear in the caption next to the photo – affordable medical-certified physical therapy equipment.

The bolding and use of the words ‘previously’ and ‘now’ invite the reader to uncover how this brand solves their problem, while incentivising them to read to the end to complete the open loop.


Client results:

The client was very pleased with the quality of the copy. Email open rate was 34.38% and CTR was 4.38%, an excellent result and encouraging for the company at the beginning of their launch of the interest in their product offering.