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Email campaign


Client challenge:

After a long Covid-19 lockdown, clinics up and down the country were opening back up. Qutis Clinics asked to create an email to send to their existing database to entice as many people to book consultations and treatments ahead of their clinics’ reopening.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

I wanted to sympathise with patients who had received regular skin and beauty treatments but were suddenly deprived of them for what seemed like a long and quite stressful lockdown.

I also spoke to the business owner about the large demand they expected. So I built this into their clinic re-opening email, setting expectations that patients would be booking in their droves and the only way to get a spot would be to book as far in advance as possible, creating genuine scarcity and also giving solid reasons why booking now was a necessity.

Client results:

Patients booked the limited treatment slots available for the next two months, well ahead of their normal booking notices. The clinic was pleased with the surge in demand and revenue generated.