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Email campaign


Client challenge:

The client’s brief was to create an email newsletter that appealed to their primary audience, 40-65 year old women, with items that were very current and topical. The piece’s objective was to educate this beauty clinic’s email subscribers about some of the latest technologies used in one of their highest-value treatments, their non-surgical facelifts. They also wanted to promote a virtual event discussing this treatment with interested prospects, as well as encourage women to book a consultation directly from the email newsletter.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

After conducting extensive desktop research, I found the huge popularity of the British TV show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ with this target market, as well as being impressed with the glitz and glamour of the Oscars ceremony, which happened the day before this email was scheduled to be sent.

After probing the client about their latest treatments, I discovered two celebrities who had recently been in the news using some of these treatments who were very well known to this target audience and also happened to be previous contestants on the show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

By tying these familar faces to extremely relevant topical events and their treatments, using a highly informative, colloquial tone, readers were able to build more confidence and trust in these treatments, as well as reassurance the clinic was using the very latest technology.

Client results:

The email had a 20.87% open rate with a clickthrough rate of 1.06%. 55 people registered for the event (the highest amount achieved by the clinic for this type of event), a huge surge after this email went out. This resulted in several consultations for their high-ticket treatment and tens of thousands of pounds in treatment bookings collected, not to mention huge lifetime customer value predicted after this.