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Email campaign

Johnson & Johnson’s
Baby conditioner

This is a spec ad concepted and produced together with graphic designer Miroslava Genova.

Client challenge:

The client wanted to send an email to their existing database of subscribers and persuade their target market (parents of young children ages 0–2 years) to visit the Johnson & Johnson’s Baby website to learn more about their new Johnson’s Baby Conditioner. The secondary objective was to convince customers to download a coupon to purchase this new product. The client wanted the tone to be in keeping with the J&J brand, namely friendly, sincere, knowledgeable and helpful.

Email subject:

The family bond just got stronger

Start a tradition of moisturising baby bathtimes.

Wordsmith Matt’s approach:

The first step in this campaign was to research the current Johnson’s Baby Shampoo product listing so the brand voice, imaging and copy style matched this tone.

After extensive product research, the most useful source of information with actual customers’ thoughts and language used came from Johnson’s Baby Shampoo product review, of which there was hundreds.

I collated the most common themes from reviews that people loved most about the product and used some language from real customer that jumped out when read. One key theme incorporated were that this product is passed down through the generations (we’re talking grandma used it when she was a baby, then gave to her daughter, who then gave to her daughter). Another was the love of the ‘No Tears’ formula, which is suitable for all babies (even adults) and for sensitive skin and eyes.

Finally the unique moisturising qualities and de-tangling effect of the conditioner were added. The red cord graphic symbolises family bond (umbillical cord) as well as detangling hair and we chose frizzy, afro hair subjects for the photo to emphasise this, as well as the factor this is an inclusive, progressive brand for any racial background.