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About Me

I’m Matt Garrow-Fisher, but you can call me Wordsmith Matt for short.

I’m an extroverted writer, energised* by speaking with business leaders because of the pure joy of one thing: 

I love uncovering each oh-my-goodness-why-does-no-one-know-about-this story locked inside people’s minds.

From interviewing a 5-star General of the US Army and a CEO of a multi-billion dollar fund to uncover their business process improvement secrets so that they could present them to multiple industries. To helping a startup founder and a middle manager realise* just how much impact they already made in the last year so that they finally could be recognised* by their industry peers.

So if you are struggling to articulate your product, service or career greatness with the world, get in touch and I’ll enjoyably draw it out of you!

(* – yes, I am a Brit. I do know how to spell American English too!) 

A unique career path telling stories across industries 

As a conference producer, I developed my craft of persuasive writing thanks to some extensive training. Copywriting legend Drayton Byrd (Creative Director for David Olgivy, the father of advertising) even singled me out for my captivating headlines here. I later learnt the subtle art of hypnotic language and unconscious communication after becoming a trainer in Neuro Lingustic Programming (NLP).

Simultaneously I developed my flair for interviewing business leaders across a wide range of industries further through my lifestyle and career coaching. You can even check out my 40+ episodes of my Burn From Within podcast to understand how I might interview you here.

I’ve launched two of my own ecommerce brands (a green tea and a pet product on Amazon FBA). I’ve also been awarded salesman of the quarter (in my first quarter) and employee of the year (during my first year) selling webinar sponsorship for a large media organisation.

So I really can relate to business owners’ challenges, adopt the voice of very difference brands, and crucially, persuade people to buy.


Own Ecommerce Brands

Sales Awards

Business Leader Interviews

Podcast Episodes

“Matt has an insane ability to uncover through a natural and enjoyable conversation the essence of your brand and your achievements. When you read the strongest messages he draws out, not only do you feel truly heard, his copy makes you want to buy from yourself!”
Michael Legge, The Mindhealth Coach and former movie and TV actor.

My Skills

 I write direct response marketing campaigns for personal brands, small businesses, through to large organisations (think global fitness brands with 1000+ employees).

I craft messaging on sales decks and presentation slides and also collaborate with my graphic designers if you want the visuals to look slick too.

My unique skill is in conducting video interviews to create content to repurpose for your entire calendar across all channels.

And if you like my clear British accent (check out my podcast here), I produce voiceovers for your ads using my audio software and professional mic setup. 

I write best from creative or project briefs. I’ll provide a template that captures the information I need for your campaign if you don’t have this.

For building out new brands or ensuring consistency in messaging across all channels, I create brand voice and brand tone guides.

Many clients prefer my recorded conversational interviews to draw this information out naturally, so if you are happy for us to have an in-depth discussion where I play a reporter, potential customer and devil’s advocate, this is my most favoured (and highly effective) way of working with you.

  • Copy Writing
  • Video interviews, editing and transcriptions
  • Presentation slides
  • Voiceovers

Your brand’s story will be captured to evoke an emotional connection.
Your audience will feel and remember you.
And my words will clearly guide them to take that next step.